Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missions Conference: Original Poetry

Missions conference.  It came and went but not without a lot of hard work by the academy students.  One of the high schoolers' projects was to create a missions poem and perform it for the class.  The following was written by a member of the class of 2013.

Sacrifice and Service
by Thomas Hames

Missionaries give their all,
Nothing they're withholding.
They have heard their Master's call,
He their lives is molding
Into vessels fit for use
For His holy mission;
Able to withstand abuse
For Christ's Great Commission.

Flowing from their every deed
Is God's sovereign power.
Hum'bly they God's voice do heed
He who is their Tower;
They to Him do oft resort,
'Lone they would but cower.
And bring unto God the sort
Satan would devour.

Unto you with pleading voice
Jesus Christ is calling.
Will His mission be your choice:
To keep souls from falling?
All that is requir'd of you
Is complete surrender.
He alone the work can do,
The flesh can only hinder.

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