Monday, April 25, 2011


Today my juniors and seniors created some new words from the roots, prefixes, and suffixes they were studying for this unit. Can you guess the meanings of the following?

Once upon a moon's eclipse, there lived an 1.) abautoite man. He could see where his body was going to go and stop it when it got there. His wife was 2.) contravidurely intended not to believe him until one day they became 3.) interquetuded. They died.

1. abautoite=to stay away from oneself
2. contravidure=to see the opposite
3. interquetude=being equal among oneself

The loquacious 1.) perilogite, who always seemed to be talking, was discussing a nebulous topic. He seemed to believe he had 2.) intervisitare into this intense topic of 3.) interphyrites.

1. perilogite: one who reasons around
2. intervisitare: act of seeing between
3. interphyrites: one who is around nature

My most favorite author is an intergramite who writes marvelous tales about contravisures of political views. One story tells of a perifundite who pours liquid gold over the whole world to save the world from global warming.

1. intergramite: one who writes between
2. contravisure: result of seeing the opposite
3. perifaundite: one who pours around